brack is your friend, brack is a channel, brack is devotion, is poetry and pain. it's bitstorm and paper and chromium dioxide galore. it's freestyle and freestyle and oldschool exposure, it's posting and posing. brack is about being sweet in a salty world. brack is erosion, exstatic and tender, a caviar tsunami, an angel of noise.

we started a tape label back in 1995. and hell, we're still burning. brack grew up, we grew old. techno looks like hardrock, ravers carry babies. the nineties are over. sven vaeth now owns klein-machnow.

and here we translated our original german text

brack!! recordings!! 1995 of t brendel! and f bossert! in Berlin? based originally as TAP label conceived, gives it today no prefered medium brack understands itself as electronic jam label, no musical style is obligated behind it put one mixes well-known truths, the classical chauvinismus hiphop, the racistic roots of pop, progress-believes and welfare-promise referred of techno, the fallen in love hedonismus of disco, the atomising increase in value-taxing away capitalistic reproduction machine skirt, neuro tables the kuenstlergemache of a like-also-always-constituted avant-garde, profimusikertum. brack lifts itself against the integrativen forces of the post office-Fordistic life.
unpacked egos in social fraktalen were incite in our meat, businessfilz the salt in the wounds phantom-hurt.

brack born at one night of the naked truths.

brack semantics goes will ignore in the germ suffocated with preference in falls, into it not to step wants does not try: the revenge of the double kontingenz. techno and its utilization transzendiert by the double negation skirt techno stands thereby as a case for its, as essenz the progress, sven vaeth in small machnow.
the original thought of the collective work is to be received upright against the usual practice of the isolation and selection of the post office postindustriellen society the urpruengliche techno utopia of the dissolution the author shank chicks 4 free.

the axle of the good: thoughts felt lived and from time to time released, hardly still expressed because too often belonged... and did not understand

translation courtesy of altavista. vielen dank.